Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm home. :-) Finally.

All in all it was a good trip. See Facebook for pictures later this week, I think.

Something random that I came across while googling my name (every once-in-awhile you should do this, see what you come up with...especially if you're a teacher...)

it has NOTHING to do with anyone I'm related to. That's the funny part. My name can be an acronym. Who knew?


seƱoritaH said...

thanks, jess! i miss you!
God only knows if i'll actually end up fighting for bilingual schools, that's just how i was feeling yesterday... anyway, we should have a phone date soon. we need to catch up :)

Dana Ingebretson said...

Jess! I noticed your blog when I was reading Lisa's. I'm glad I did, because yesterday I was sitting in the middle of a street in my neighborhood watching several deaf teenagers communicating with each other while they navigated through the crowds. Of course, it caused me to think of you! Hope you're continuing to transition well into teacher-mode :) Let me know how things are going!