Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As an educator with two public blogs, private facebook page, and public twitter page, I spend some time every now and then thinking about what my digital footprint is and what it says about me.  As of right now, I am deciding to maintain the public, non-protected status of my tweets and blog posts.  Some educators might think this unwise.  Some people don't even want a facebook page or anything publicly posted on the web because of the possible ramifications.

My decision is based on a desire to live transparently.  In my personal and professional life, I seek to live with integrity of action, speech and thought.  Therefore, nothing I post online should be surprising to the people I work with.  I would love it if people could come visit my classroom in real life and give me feedback on lesson planning and implementation, but that's not always feasible.  So I have an online community to help.

In my personal life, the same holds true.  My postings should not come as a surprise to friends or family members that know me well.  I am just seeking to document my journey and reflect a bit along the way.

That's all.  Just something I've been thinking about lately.  If anyone is reading, say hello!