Thursday, February 28, 2008

So much different....peace?

My last post, a little over a week ago, was all about being overwhelmed.

I went through a pretty rough week from that post until this past Monday. It was very overwhelming...there were some tears, but there were also nuggets of quiet. Nuggets of rest.

After Monday (after my two big projects were turned in), it felt like there was a weight off my shoulders. I don't know what it is...I'm teaching more. I really love it, though. I think because I busted my butt to get my lesson plans done ahead of time, it was easier to get through this week without going nuts. I also didn't have a lot to do for my classes. That helps. :-)

I'm almost ready for next week, too. :-)
science/social studies
shared reading

Everything but writing and the story...

Pretty exciting. :-)

I had my mid-term evaluation today, too...all is well. :-)

Praise God for peace and rest. I'm off for some.

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