Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Out of the mouths of babes..."

...well, 14 to 19-year-olds...

"Did you get your eyebrows waxed?"

*to another student* "Jessica's your mom"
*other student* -freaks out-
Me: "I'm not old enough to be your mom!"
"How old are you?"
"Are you not comfortable being a mom?"

Student:"Do you have a boyfriend?"
Me: "No, I've been single for 4 years"
Student: *freaks out* 4 years! You should date, and get married and live happily ever after

("overheard" between two students) "The two of you should have sex like monkeys"
Me: "What?!?!?"
Other student: "Did you see her face when you said that?!"
First student: "My bad...sorry"

I feel like I'm becoming one of those teachers that goes off on tangents easily...but it's fun! We've had tons of random conversations in one of my classes...they need some of the experience/exposure...(at least that's my excuse...)

On another one of my students played battleship online where he had to solve equations correctly in order to get hits... In another class, we played desktop dodgeball with chances to throw the ball for solving equations correctly. It was pretty crazy...the kids were laying on the floor rushing to solve the problem so they could throw the ball at these little wooden kids. Thanks to Jason for the game! :-)

That's all. :-)


Dana Ingebretson said...

Ah funny Jess :) I can just see you working so well with these kids and their crazy comments!

seƱoritaH said...

umm yes, there is now some sort of "standardized" testing for languages now. We have to assess students according to the National Standards and Benchmarks periodically throughout the year to make sure that students are staying "on track" with what ACTFL thinks they should know at certain points in the year. There's oral, written, listening, and reading Benchmarks. How it affects what we do in the classroom.... I could go on and on about that. It definitely changes things. ::sigh:: oh the joys of discovering this world of teaching... ;)