Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Observations from a Virginian College Town...

On a completely lighter note from the last post, here are some things I observed yesterday while I was driving around Charlottesville, VA before the USC @ UVA football game yesterday:

  • If you are female, you are most likely going to be wearing some sort of sundress and flats/flip flops. I hope that some of them were not going to the game, and just socializing...sundresses seem inappropriate attire for a football game, no matter the heat.
  • If you are male, it is perfectly appropriate to wear a long sleeve button up dress shirt with shorts and flip flops. Bonus points for wearing a tie and a backwards baseball cap. (Seriously, who does that?)
  • I drove around for awhile and still couldn't tell precisely where the football stadium was...stupid hills (I really like them, but you can't see past them)
  • There are more USC fans in Virginia than I thought there would be. Are they one of those bandwagon teams like the Yankees where everyone likes them because they win all the time?
  • A "hoo" is some form of Cavalier? I'm still trying to figure out what the actual UVA mascot is.
  • There are Smoothie King stores in South Korea...who knew? I had never heard of it before, but the South Korean transfer student I met had been there dozens of times in his country.
That's all. :-)

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