Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Interesting quotes, again from the TWLOHA blog:

"...Love is a thousand things but at the center is a choice. It is a choice to love people. Left to myself, i get quiet and bitter and critical. i get angry. i feel sorry for myself. It is a choice to love people. It is a choice to be kind. It is a choice to be patient, to be honest, to live with grace..."

"...i have learned that it's a lot easier to talk about loving people than it is to actually love people. It is easier to talk about community than it is to live in community. Honestly, i mostly suck at both. i am good at being short with people and i have gotten really good at being quiet..."

I connected with both of those quotes. It is hard to make the choice to do something the right way the first time out of love. To actually live in community takes sacrifice and service. Self-centeredness takes much less energy.

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