Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm making a present for my step-sister, Becky for Christmas. It's going to be really cool, when it is finished. Right now, though, I am major-ly frustrated. This present requires sewing, and working with fabric that is quite delicate. It requires ironing, and applique-ing. Gross. Why did I decide to do this, you may ask? Because it's going to be very cool when it is finished, and I think she will like it a lot. Right now I'm just having problems with the fabric fraying, the bobbin on the sewing machine not working, and my inconsistencies with a zig-zag stitch are driving me nuts!

Another thing that makes me say, "Arg" right now is my grade for one of my MSU classes. I just found out that I have a 3.5. Some might say, "3.5 in a master's class, great job, Jess!" Not me. I'm frustrated because, even though I didn't put as much work into the end of the class as I did in the beginning, and even though my last assignment wasn't as good as it should have been, I have consistently been one of the first to attempt anything in that class, and one of the few that consistently puts in effort. I'm frustrated because I get a graded paper back that has no negative comments on it, and the score is, "95% - A". Especially when according to the grading scale, 95% is just barely a 4.0. On that grading scale, I don't know that anyone in the class got a 4.0. And I think there are at least 3-4 out of the 15 that deserve it. I guess I should have done better on the last project, which was worth 30% of my grade (I got a B - 85% which is just barely a 3.0). Even on the final grade sheet, the comments read something like this, "Jessica, although your work on the last project was not as strong as the others, I have been consistently impressed by your confidence and abilities. You have the potential of becoming an excellent teacher of the deaf. I look forward to when you are truly my 'colleague' and not just my 'student'." And I got a A-/B+. Whatever.

I guess the bigger question is, "why are you so upset about this?"
Do I really deserve anything?
Did I really earn anything?
Should I be thankful for what I have?
Is there anything I can do to change it? If not, then why worry?

Just my thoughts.

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